“I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”

July 16, 2012 /

By Oscar Perez, 13, San Diego, CA. Media Arts Center San Diego.

On a recent Friday night I interviewed Jose Lara about his suspension from our school for reasons neither of us understood. 

Jose Lara,14, a freshman at Vallhalla High school in San Diego.

What is your name, age, and what city do you live in?

My Name is Jose Lara. I am 14, and live in San Diego.

Why where you suspended?

I was suspended for ditching school.

Kids who have been suspended or expelled are upset
with their school and they feel like that school is horrible
for them. 

Have you been suspended since then? 


Did being suspended affect the way you were in and outside of school?

Yes, because I couldn’t do anything but clean [the house]. 

How was your behavior and grades before that?

Good, I had B’s and A’s.

Did you feel like you where falling behind in school after that suspension?

Yes because as soon as I got to school I felt lost.

In what way could the problem have been resolved?

By spending more time at school so I wouldn’t fall behind.

Why do you think that this punishment was unfair?

Because I wasn’t in a fight, or doing drugs. I didn’t miss any classes or anything.

What are your final thoughts on this topic?

I think suspension should be for people that did something wrong.

Despite being suspended from school, Lara graduated

from EJE Academies.

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