Man on the Street: Why Are You Voting?

November 3, 2014 /


By Daniel Jimenez

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day! Your polling place is printed on the back cover of your sample ballot. Locations often change, so please check the polling place address for each election.

In Kern County there are currently 332,228 registered voters. In the previous general election, only 67 percent of the county’s registered voters actually voted, compared to 72 percent state average.

South Kern Sol asked community members, “Why are you voting?”


“It’s a privilege to vote just like it’s a privilege to drive. My parents and my grandparents taught me to go vote. I remember as a kid I would go with them to the polls.”
–Jay Tamsi, CEO, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“I am voting because I know that my vote is on behalf of a lot of people who cant vote; under 18 years olds, not citizens. There are tons of people in our community who can’t vote because they don’t meet the requirements. I know my vote is really important because I feel responsibility for everybody. I also want to make sure that local measures, statewide propositions, and for the candidates to make sure they really represent my views and what I think it’s the main priority.”
–Camila Chavez, Executive Director, Dolores Huerta Foundation


“Because I’m undocumented I cannot vote, even though I have been living in this country for 13 years. But what I’m doing is getting my family to vote; my uncles, and aunts that are citizens to get educated and vote, and I’m actually encouraging my grandparents to become citizens.”
–Fabian Sanchez, Student


“I’m voting because my family, my friends, and my neighbors all depend on it.”
–Andrae Gonzales, CEO, Stewards Inc., Board Trustee for the Bakersfield City School District Board

“I am voting because it’s my duty as a U.S. citizen and I would like my voice to be heard. “
–Guadalupe Perez, Student

“I think it’s’ important to be able to have a hand in the decisions and the decision makers in regards to all matters to our state and our community. It is important to be heard, to inform yourself and be part of the decision making process and the best to do that is through the ballot.”
–Rogelio Caudillo, Student

For additional information, you may call the Kern County Elections Office at 661-868-3590 or check the polling place locator here.