Kern Youth Weigh in on Marriage Ruling

July 23, 2015 /


By Carlos Ramirez

Last month the United States Supreme Court ruled that all Americans, regardless or sexual orientation, could legally marry their partners. Same-sex couples and supporters rejoiced, and millions of Facebook users overlaid a rainbow on their profile pictures to express their support of the ruling.

South Kern Sol went to Arvin High School and asked a few students, “What do you think of the United States Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling?”

“I think it’s great. I honestly thought that I would never live to see the day that the country who fought for freedom would free one of its oppressed groups. Granted there is a long way to go, but here we are taking our first step to achieving true equality.”

Vivian Anfonso, 17

“I have two gay uncles and I would love to see them married and be as happy as my parents are. Love is love here and anywhere you go, and marriage shouldn’t be an obstacle.” –Yesenia Aguilar, 16

“They should have the right to be married.” –Pricella Almenza, 17

“Everyone has basic rights to do what they want, even if it may go against someone’s religious beliefs.” –Abelardo Penaloza, 14

“It doesn’t really matter, people chose what they want. If people want to marry they can go ahead and do it.” –Jacqueline Estrada, 17

“The world can now be itself.” –Ely Gonzalez, 16

“I don’t mind. Everyone should be happy!” –Angel Guzman, 16

“People should mind their buisness and worry about living their own lives without worrying about other people. Let them marry.” —Alejandro Lopez, 16