What Changes Would You Like to See at Arvin High?

August 10, 2015 /

Photo Courtesy of Raul Camacho

Photo Courtesy of Raul Camacho

By Julie Del Toro

Editor’s Note: Kern Union High School District just unveiled its 2015-16 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The plan outlines the district’s spending priorities for the coming school year as required under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Passed in 2013, LCFF allocates more state funds to school districts serving greater numbers of high-need students. It also requires districts to solicit community input as part of the LCAP process. Community groups have worked to improve the educational environment for children and say the latest LCAP is still a work in progress. South Kern Sol recently visited Arvin High School to hear from students, staff and faculty there about where they think the money should go.

A change that I would like to see at Arvin High School is a wider variety of classes. Arvin used to offer Driving and Home Economics, but now there is just core classes. It would be great to see other classes like Speech, Psychology or First Aid. I see students leave high school without knowing basic life skills such as: driving, cooking, speaking properly, stress management or treating your own wounds. I feel that these classes would provide the tools necessary to ensure high schoolers leave ready to live on their own. -Daniel Gonzales, Arvin High School, 12th grade

We should invest in solar panels because Arvin is one of the hottest places in the valley during the summer and by doing this it could save a lot of money over the long run. – Graciela Guerra, 12th grade

Arvin High School should offer more programs for teachers, administrators, parents, and students. The AP (advanced placement) and Honors programs should be reorganized to help students instead of bringing them down after their rigorous work. It should also serve healthier food. Sometimes during lunch they serve food that is not cooked right. -Karen Fuentes, 12th grade

Purchasing more lockers would make students more responsible because they would have their books ready to go for class. Another change I would like to see would be more sports equipment such as uniforms. – Lucy Salcedo, Media Technician at Arvin High

I think we need more afterschool activities to help college-bound 12th grade students with personal statements, applying for financial aid, and resumes. We also need more programs for those who will not attend college that help them search for jobs so they can get a head start on life after high school. -Arlenne Lazos, Guidance Technician/Staff Secretary at Arvin High School

I wish parents had more resources to help their children academically. If they had more school pride there would be more confidence in our community. -Edgar Marez, a Math Teacher/ Head Football Coach

They should serve healthier food for the students … There should be more of a variety of healthy food to choose from. -Jennifer Perez , 11th grade

Arvin High School needs more counselors and one-on-one meetings with students to discuss their education and future. -Nora Ramirez, Arvin High School, 12th grade