You Know You’re From Kern County When…

December 18, 2015 /

By Randy Villegas

I asked my fellow classmates and friends to finish this phrase: “You know you’re from Kern County when…” Some of these responses were pretty funny, while others shared memorable experiences from our town of Bakersfield and Kern County.

“When you have the best ice cream shop in town, Dewars.” — Nayeli, 22

“When all you see is oil fields on the north side of town.” — Jungshi, 28

“When the only man you’ll ever chase is the elotero (corn) man.” — Ariana, 27

“When you have an agriculturally-based mindset.” — Ruben Bravo, 24

“When it rains and we celebrate like Thanksgiving!” — Jesus Navarro, 24

“When you step outside and you can smell the fresh cow manure.” — Saul Pardo

“When you can see the smog in the air.” — Ivory Parker, 19

“When you’re looking for shade or fighting for a shady parking spot in the summer.” — Ana Prado, 22

“You know you live in Kern County when talking about the weather is actually an interesting topic of conversation.” — Hayley Verrell, 20

“When going to the Valley Plaza is the best thing ever!” — Nereyda Barreto, 18

“When as soon as it starts raining your social media feeds start filling up with pictures of the rain.” — Clarisa Olaguez, 19