South Kern Sol’s Day of Unity in Photos

January 23, 2017 /

By Staff, Photos by Marcus Castro

This past Friday, South Kern Sol youth leaders held the first annual Day of Unity Rally to encourage the community and remind them that this is not the time to sit back and go dark, but instead it’s the time to get louder about the issues that are impacting our communities.

“Throughout what has been a bitter election season we’ve seen the targeting of our most vulnerable communities,” says Randy Villegas of South Kern Sol. “We will not stand for hatred or intolerance in our community. Instead we will stand together to illustrate that we are united and will stay loud for the health of our community anytime there is injustice.”

The event was held at the Liberty Bell in downtown Bakersfield and featured live performances representative of Kern’s diverse community. Following are a few photos of the event.