Bakersfield City School District considers implementing modified calendar and remediation summer school program

March 6, 2019 /

The Bakersfield City School District is exploring the idea of implementing a modified calendar — a year-round school year — and bringing back a remediation summer school program in upcoming years, according to Irma Cervantes, the district’s spokeswoman.

Although there has been no formal proposal to either plan, the district began considering the ideas in February.

Mark Luque, assistant superintendent of educational services, presented the idea of a modified school year Tuesday to parents at the BCSD’s Parent Advisory Committee meeting, and parents were open to the idea, Cervantes said.

“We have heard from the parents who did take advantage of summer school that there is a lack of learning in the summer,” Cervantes said. “If you have a long break, you do forget some stuff.”

The district is also exploring the idea of bringing back a remediation summer school program — a program BCSD had prior to 2014.

“We want to reach those students that need summer school — that need extra support,” Cervantes said.

The idea involves an application process. Teachers and parents would discuss the possibility of summer school during Parent Teacher Conference meetings. If the district determines a child would benefit from the program, it would present an application to the parent at the meeting.

“By applying, it would be a commitment to taking their child to summer school,” Cervantes said.

The district is in the preliminary phases of discussing the ideas with community members and parents. The final decision will be made by BCSD’s board of education.

If approved, the remedial summer school program would go into effect in the summer of 2020. The modified calendar would go into effect in the 2020-21 school year.

Cervantes said, “We are grateful for parent feedback and support and participation, and we want to keep that going.”

Elizabeth Sanchez

Elizabeth Sanchez is the program associate for South Kern Sol. She can be reached at