Call to all seniors: Local radio station honors Class of 2020 graduates with on-air, online campaigns

April 28, 2020 /

Despite graduations across the state being cancelled, FORGE Radio Network is honoring the graduating class of 2020 with an on-air and online campaign.

This campaign will allow seniors in high school to share messages about their achievements.

“Our goal is to uplift and inspire the 2020 graduates through on-air and online campaign,” FORGE said in a news release.

The radio network is asking seniors in high school to submit a video of themselves or a voice recording with a photo of themself. In the video, graduates are asked to include:

  1. Introduction of yourself and your school name of where you will graduate from
  2. Your biggest obstacle that you overcame to reach this graduation moment
  3. Who are the first people you want to thank for this achievement and why?
  4. How does it feel to have fulfilled this dream and what continues in your education?

Videos can be submitted to

The on-air campaign will run from May 4 through May 29 on FORGE 103.9 Bakersfield and 95.3 Fresno. The online campaign will also run from May 4 to May 29 on the radio station’s social media pages.