Bike Bakersfield seeks community input on bike, pedestrian connectivity with survey

August 10, 2020 /

Bike Bakersfield has partnered with the California Bicycle Coalition (Cal Bike) on the Central Valley Bikeways Project to improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity in Bakersfield.

The local organization has put together a survey, asking residents to provide recommendations on routes, station designs, and crossings for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the Downtown Bakersfield region.

The survey asks residents to select what destinations they frequent, where they would like to get to on a bike and reasons why they may not be able to bike or walk there.

The project looks to not only connect residents to HSR stations in their communities, but also to other communities across the Central Valley. It will also assess inter-city connections to look for places to enhance bike safety.

This project will facilitate a safe and equitable bike network system in California’s Central Valley. It will provide easy access to future high speed rail stations and further the goal of providing sustainable mobility throughout the state.

This project will supplement existing active transportation planning in several Central Valley cities, such as Fresno and Merced. CalBike will recommend bike networks that will create secure, safe, and equitable access to proposed HSR stations for nearby residents and visitors.

Those interested in taking the survey can find it at Surveys are available in English or Spanish, but if any other translation is required please contact