Organization to offer series of business classes to immigrants in the Central Valley

September 15, 2020 /

The Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC) continues their venture in community outreach and education during COVID-19. Most recently, the organization and their partners developed a project to empower Latinos to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

For this project, CVIIC is focusing on DACA recipients and undocumented Latino immigrants that have been impacted by the current economic crisis and that are interested in entrepreneurship and self employment. 

Beginning October, they will offer online training in subjects including business administration, knowledge of the contacts in the private and local sectors, immigration legal services advice, and more so that each participant can be successful. These classes will also be available in the fall, winter and spring through June 2021. Cohorts will meet once a week for eight weeks.

This program comes during difficult times as Latinos have been faced with disproportionate disadvantages due to COVID-19. Furthermore, this program will promote economic boost as entrepreneurship is vital to the economy. 

Entrepreneurship creates jobs, change, and gives back to the community. Self employment is just the beginning. As a business grows, a need for employees will increase. Ideas that are brought by new entrepreneurs also help shape society. This project allows Latinos to rise above economic challenges and empower others to do the same.

Those interested in applying must live in the Central Valley, be an immigrant, be willing to learn, and have access to the internet and an electronic device to log on to the classes. The classes are free, but participation will be required. More details are provided on the application. To apply click