CSU system extends application deadline to Dec. 15 due to pandemic

December 8, 2020 /

The California State University system announced last week it extended its application deadline to Dec. 15.

The Cal State system said the deadline was extended due to challenges covid-19 has placed on students. 

“To better serve high school and community college students facing university admissions challenges caused by COVID-19, the California State University (CSU) will extend its fall 2021 priority application deadline to December 15, 2020,” the university system announced last week.

Many students say they appreciate the extension as they are not only juggling finals, but they are also still dealing with the pandemic and the hardships is has caused on them and their families.

“I am extremely grateful for the extension of the CSU Application deadline. Due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Emma McNellis, a Bakersfield College student. “Focusing on my schoolwork and extra-curriculars has been more difficult, as I also have to balance helping out my family more often because we are all working from home”

This has served as a weight lifted off some students shoulders as some of them now have time to finish applications once they’ve finished their finals. 

“The extension of the deadline for these applications has provided myself and other students with some extra time to breathe and, in turn, ensures that students can still submit the best application they can, even during this difficult time,” said McNellis.

The CSU system is the nation’s largest university system, with 23 campuses, including Cal State Bakersfield. The CSU is planning to continue with distance learning through at least the Spring 2021 semester.

“We know far more about (COVID-19) now than we did back in May,” Chancellor Timothy P. White said in September, when he announced virtual learning would continue well into next year. “The virus continues to spread. There is no vaccine and there likely will not be one widely available any time soon.”

University of California also had an extension from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4; however their extension was due to system difficulties on Nov. 29.