Biden announces goals for first 100 days of Presidency

January 21, 2021 /

Since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, it has become a tradition to dissect the productivity of every president thereafter. It can be seen as a new measurement of a presidency’s effectiveness. Presidents have begun to establish goals before their inauguration for their first 100 days, to display their priorities and send a reassuring message to American citizens. 

Joe Biden is hoping to fulfill the promise of his campaign slogan Build Back Better. He has listed multiple commitments to the American people for his first 100 days as president. One issue, in particular, looms over the rest: the COVID-19 pandemic. Only days after becoming the president-elect he assembled a coronavirus task force. He says his plans will be built on a bedrock of science and will be initiated the moment he and vice president-elect, Kamala Harris, were sworn into office.

“The advisory board will help shape my approach to managing the surge in reported infections; ensuring vaccines are safe, effective, and distributed efficiently, equitably, and free; and protecting at-risk populations,” Biden said in a statement.

Biden and Harris released a seven-point plan to beat COVID-19.

  • Ensure all Americans have access to regular, reliable, and free testing.
  • Fix personal protective equipment (PPE) problems for good.
  • Provide clear, consistent, evidence-based guidance for how communities should navigate the pandemic – and the resources for schools, small businesses, and families to make it through.
  • Plan for the effective, equitable distribution of treatments and vaccines — because development isn’t enough if they aren’t effectively distributed.
  • Protect older Americans and others at high risk.
  • Rebuild and expand defenses to predict, prevent, and mitigate pandemic threats, including those coming from China.
  • Implement mask mandates nationwide by working with governors and mayors and by asking the American people to do what they do best: step up in a time of crisis.

The vaccine is not yet available to every citizen and is what every person is relying upon to end the strains and death brought by the pandemic.

Last week, Biden announced his goal to deliver 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in 100 days.

“Let me be clear. I’m convinced we can get it done, and this is the time to set big goals to pursue them with courage and conviction because the health of the nation is literally at stake,” he said.

The CDC’s COVID Data Tracker states that 31161,075 doses have been distributed across America. A total of 12,279,180 doses have been administered, of which, almost 29% (3,548,575) were administered in our state of California. Therefore, we can expect to see a substantial increase in vaccines, if Biden’s plan is carried out, in California and our county of Kern.