Those 65 and older, Hispanics disproportionately make up COVID-19 deaths in Kern

April 20, 2021 /

Those 65 years and older and Hispanics make up a disproportionate rates of COVID-19 deaths in Kern, the Kern County Public Health Department announced Tuesday in a news release.

Death of people who are 65 and older account for 65.7 percent of Kern’s COVID-19 deaths. The 65 and older group is disproportionately affected as it only makes up 11.6 percent of Kern’s population, according to CA Department of Finance 2020 population projection.

Additionally, Hispanics account for 57.6 percent of COVID deaths. The CA Department of Finance population projection for 2020 has Hispanics at 52.6 percent of the population making this the most disproportionately affected race.

African Americans make up 6.0 percent of the population and have 5.3 percent of the deaths, an increase from 4.9 percent. Those who identify as White make up 34 percent of the population but 30.2 percent of deaths.

The majority of deaths continue to have comorbidities. Hypertension and Diabetes are the two most common. Only 39 deaths have been reported with no comorbidities.

As of April 20, Kern County has had 1,331 deaths due to COVID-19.