Delano Pride March brings community together

June 17, 2021 /

The Delano LGBTQ Alliance held a Pride march Saturday 12 in celebration of Pride Month.

Marivel Servin, LGBTQ Alliance lead organizer, said that she felt really joyful and appreciated having this opportunity.

“We celebrate and make sure we celebrate pride month here in Delano because for a really long time the representation in our city wasn’t there and a lot of people didn’t even believe that there was a queer community in Delano so we really wanted to uplift those voices and make sure they were being included in decisions and respected as individuals,” said Servin.

Servin said that many of the people in attendance spoke at the march and had conversations about what’s possible and what visions they should bring next.

“We talked about how we liked to make it a recurring thing that the flag will be going up every June until forever and kind of having more resources for mental health for our community because within the LGBTQ community the suicde rates are disproportionately affecting youth and people of color,” said Servin. “We want to make sure we are able to offer mental health
resources, personal development opportunities, employment where they won’t be discriminated against, and just a fair shot at being able to thrive.”

Biviana Camacho, community organizer, said that this march was held to provide a safe space for mainly young people who are within the community and those who are not out yet to reassure them that they are seen and loved and they can come to them if they need anything.

“I recently came out to my parents, and it was just surreal to see that I have a community here in Delano who supports me and other youth in the community,” said Camacho. “Seeing our council members there, it was really exciting and felt really surreal that it actually happened in Delano
because this is like one of the first times we have the pride flag up and just celebrating makes me really happy.”

Camacho wants people to know that if they still don’t feel safe coming out there’s always resources and a safe space, like the LGBTQ Alliance, where they can go if needed.

The City of Delano also held a council meeting to decide whether the pride flag would be approved to go up on the city town building and it was approved.

“It was a huge relief because at first we didn’t think it was going to pass because a lot of older and more conservative folks were speaking out against it so we were kind of scared that it wouldn’t pass, but with all the people power and the pressure from the community for Delano to do better we were able to get it passed,” said Servin.

The next pride event will be held on June 27 at the forty acres in Delano from 3-7:00 p.m.

There will be local vendors, performers, music, and radio station 103.9 will raffle six flags tickets and other giveaways. Everyone is invited to come out and support. Masks are encouraged.