The Department of Pesticides and Regulation holding pesticide notification system webinars

November 2, 2021 /

The Department of Pesticides and Regulation (DPR) will be conducting a series of public webinars and workshops as part of the process to develop a statewide pesticide notification system.

A statewide pesticide notification system is currently in the development stage and the DPR is encouraging participation from the public to help inform the structure and design of the tool at virtual webinars on November 2 and 3, offered in English and Spanish. 

“Communities where the most pesticides are used are more vulnerable and are more susceptible to health problems resulting from various sources of pollution,” the DPR website states. “A statewide system to provide pesticide notification will advance environmental justice and further protect public health by providing transparent and equitable access to information in advance of pesticide applications occurring near where people live, work or play.”

Additionally, this information will provide the public with the opportunity to make their own decisions about any additional precautions they may want to take to protect their health. Examples of additional precautions may include shutting windows, avoiding areas around the fields, keeping children inside or bringing in toys and laundry.

The DPR’s current regulatory structure does not have a system in place that provides transparent, accessible, real-time information to the public in advance about pesticide applications occurring around them.

The development of a statewide system will take place throughout 2022. This phase includes opportunities for the public to provide input on the tool’s scope and design, provide an opportunity for DPR to explore pilot projects in key communities across the state, determine the technology that will provide accessible, real-time information to the public, structure industry participation and develop the regulation to move the project forward. DPR anticipates the tool will launch in 2023-2024.

The input gathered through previous focus groups and upcoming public webinars in November 2021 and workshops in early 2022 will inform the design of the system.

Those interested in participating can use the following details to join the webinars:

An agenda for the webinars can be found here.

A link to a recording of each webinar and a summary of public input will be available in Spanish and English following the event.

If you would like to provide feedback in writing to DPR, please email