Local program seeking mentors to help give back to young women

February 2, 2022 /

A local mentorship program in Kern County is hoping to continue making a difference in young women. Realizing Options Student Excellence (R.O.S.E.) mentorship program is seeking mentors to pair them with young women to guide them and support them with opportunities. 

R.O.S.E. was established in 1994 with a goal to support young women in their junior and senior year of high school. More than 800 young women students have had this opportunity to be paired with an adult mentor. Mentors work with students at 22 different high schools in Kern County.

The high schools let young women know about this mentor program and are recommended to take the opportunity. It’s a two-year program during the months they are attending school. It’s beneficial for a teenager to have an adult figure in their life since they will be graduating soon and entering adult life.

In the R.O.S.E mentor program the young women attend seminars that are designed to help them recognize their value and self-worth, they have monthly check in with their mentor, attend professional events, and are open to career opportunities.

The adult mentors are role models to encourage their young women to help them be open minded, set goals, and motivate them to continue their education after high school and beyond. 

Spears is confident the women of Kern County are inspiring and will be the next generation of female leaders. She encourages any women of age to become a mentor. The program is looking for more mentors and will be taking applications until October 2022. Applications can be found at https://bakersfieldwomen.org/rose/.

The program asks that everyone consider using their, friends, or family talents and become a mentor to help give back to a young lady in Kern County. Stop by the R.O.S.E. booth during the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference and/or contact the R.O.S.E coordinator – Susan Spears at vismama@yahoo.com or call (661) 428-5141.