These COVID relief programs are now being offered in Wasco and Arvin communities

March 28, 2022 /

Self-Help Enterprises is currently bringing COVID relief programs to the communities of Wasco and Arvin.

These programs will be available for those affected by the pandemic to help pay their mortgage, utilities, and, beginning in April, rent assistance will be available as well.

Self-Help Enterprises is a community development organization whose mission is to work together with low-income families to build and sustain healthy homes and communities. The program they’re offering received money from the CARES Act and is separate from the Housing Authority’s Rent and Utility Assistance Program (RUP).

Up to $5000 in assistance is already available for mortgage and utility relief and residents can even apply to cover past due payments. Rent relief for April onward will only be available to use for up to three consecutive months.

The program can’t pay anything prior to January 1, 2020, and will have support available in Kings and Tulare Counties as well.

Applications can be found on Self-Help Enterprises’ website where they can be sent via mail or e-mail. Interested residents can also request an application by calling 559-802-1600.

For more information on this programs call 559-802-1600 or email

In addition to this program, Self-Help Enterprises is also offering assistance for Arvin residents who are at risk of eviction, foreclosure, or are in need of assistance with a deposit; this program is called the Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA).

PLHA will cover up to $15,000 or six consecutive months for rent, mortgage, utilities, and rent deposits for eligible households. The annual income limit per household size is as follows:

Household Size12345678
Annual Income Limit$14,650$17,420$21,960$26,500$31,040$35,580$40,120$44,660

“We applied to PLHA to assist low-income residents for assistance with rent, mortgage, and utility expenses. This was, I believe, one of our first COVID related funding that came to the city.” said Arvin Grant Writer Christine V. “We understood that people would potentially not be able to pay their bills during COVID due to lack of work, not having work, or having to stay home and take care of kids.”

To request an application for PLHA, call 559-802-1274 or email As of now, Self Help Enterprises is still working on the online link/web page to make the applications directly available with hopes to have it completed in the next couple of weeks.

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