Governor Newsom declares June 2022 Immigrant Heritage Month

June 8, 2022 /

Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a proclamation declaring June 2022 as “Immigrant Heritage Month” in the State of California.

“Generations of immigrants from across the globe have helped shape California’s history and progress,” the proclamation reads. “During Immigrant Heritage Month, we honor and celebrate the foundational contributions of immigrants who came to this land to work hard, to seek opportunity or protection, and give a better life to their children.”

According to the proclamation, California is home to more immigrants than any other state in the country. The proclamation says the State’s economy, universities, and communities are stronger and more innovative because of the nearly 11 million immigrants living throughout the State,.

“From the first-generation Californians of today to those whose roots stretch back hundreds of years, our ancestors believed in the promise of this place,” Newsom wrote in the proclamation. “In California, we embrace and celebrate the contributions made by our immigrant communities and acknowledge them as critical to the success of our state and our nation.”

“In California, we understand that our strength is in our diversity,” reads the proclamation.

Immigrants and their descendants bring new ideas, perspectives and cultural assets that influence California, says the proclamation.

“Immigrants, whether they arrived to seek safety or opportunity, have been integral to the identity and growth of California as we know it. The state will continue to support and stand with immigrant families and lead in building more inclusive and just policies which foster innovation and advance our collective economic and community growth.”