Farmworkers begin 335 mile march to demand union voting rights

August 4, 2022 /

The 24-day march began yesterday in Delano, California at the historical landmark The Forty Acres. Their first stop will be at Richgrove, California. 

This march is an effort to persuade Governor Gavin Newsom to sign Assembly Bill 2183, which will allow farmworkers to vote for or against unionization.

Dolores Huerta attended this march and told people that she knows when people come together and march, they make a change.

“All farm workers must have support. We have to tell the bosses that the farm workers are the ones who make them rich and it is time that they also support the farm workers, so that they have their rights and that they are respected,” said Huerta.

Priscilla Luna is a mother of three from Los Angeles, California, and a daughter of Mexican immigrants, and made the drive to Delano to show her support.

Luna said farmworkers are not given the respect they deserve and people aren’t willing to do this type of work and so it is vital for our farmworkers that people support them by amplifying their voices and speaking up on issues that aren’t right.

“I think it’s just important just for everybody to speak on any human rights violations or issues that we see and specifically with her farmworkers. I mean there’s a reason why we have food on our table yet they’re miss treated and they’re not paid properly,” said Luna.

She said it’s important for people to know what’s going on and to amplify the voices of people who don’t have a voice. She appreciates organizations coming together to protect immigrant rights and to protect farmworkers. 

“I think it’s a historic moment and I think we must do whatever we can to be a voice like I said to protect the rights of our farmworkers,” said Luna. “I think it also reminds us to be in a place of gratitude and really appreciate those who are working hard to again keep food on our table and those who are working hard.”

Eriberto Fernandez, one of the March Directors for the United Farmworkers Foundation, said this is a very historic march because this is something that hasn’t been done in over 30 years.

“We have launched a 335-mile march from Delano to march all the way to Sacramento on August 26. We welcome everyone who cares about farmworkers who really do want to do something on behalf of the lives and working conditions of farmworkers,” commented Fernandez.

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