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Sikh Community Set to Welcome New Temple in Delano

July 19, 2023 / By
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Coming late 2023 to early 2024, the Delano Sikh community plans to start construction of their brand-new Sikh temple.

Delano City Council reverses policy allowing the raising of LGBTQ+ flag at city hall

April 4, 2023 / By
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In June of 2021, the Delano City Council voted and approved the raising of the LGBTQ+ Pride flag at city hall.

What new bills have Kern County state legislators introduced so far, this year?

February 27, 2023 / By
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When looking at a map of state legislative districts and Kern County, a total of five state representatives represent Kern County — two of them in the state senate and three in the state assembly.

The Central Valley Congressional race that’s captured the eyes of the nation

November 3, 2022 / By
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As election day inches closer and closer, California voters will get their chance to voice who they want representing them in government at the local, state, and federal races.

These are the propositions California voters will see on their ballots this November

September 30, 2022 / By
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As the voting season starts to go into full effect, many will notice the constant political ads popping up on their television screens at home or on their own phones.

Kern County school officials comment on California teacher shortage

September 8, 2022 / By
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As students have made their way back to the classroom and met their new teachers this school year, Kern County faces an important issue — its lack of teachers.

Arvin and Lamont welcome the Kiwanis Club to Southern Kern County

July 18, 2022 / By
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“To us it’s a historic moment.” Those are the words of Fredi Castrejon, the founding president of the newly established Arvin-Lamont Kiwanis Club chapter.