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‘Feminist identity is complicated but the key thing to always go back to is choice’: local professor shares her journey

April 5, 2023 / By

Ever since she was a little girl, she knew she wanted to teach. Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, Katy Hanson originally had a goal of teaching children.

The Kern County Health Department shares how to protect yourself from the flu

January 23, 2023 / By
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Getting a cold during the winter is a common problem everyone experiences. Despite the focus on the pandemic and preventing the spread of COVID, it’s important to highlight flu prevention and to stay healthy during this season. 

The reimagining of Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Community Center

December 5, 2022 / By

On Wednesday, November 16, the Bakersfield City Council held a meeting to discuss their plans for renovating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Suicide rates in Kern County remain higher than CA’s average

October 7, 2022 / By

Although suicide awareness month is now over, conversations surrounding mental health and suicide awareness have been prominent all year. 

City of Bakersfield hosts first job fair as unemployment rates drop

September 1, 2022 / By
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According to gov.ca.gov, in July, California’s unemployment rate dropped from 0.3% to 3.9%, establishing a new record low going back to the official data series that started in 1976. 

COMMENTARY: Being black and part of the LGBTQ+ community 

July 7, 2022 / By
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From an early age, many nicknames were used to describe me in my family. My nickname was Ivy, stink, and poison Ivy.

Inspireme Counseling and Wellness Center presents the Inaugural Mental Health and Wellness Symposium

May 16, 2022 / By
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On Friday, May 14, 2022, The Inspireme Counseling and Wellness Center hosted The Inaugural Mental Health and Wellness Symposium to encourage students and teens to prioritize their mental health and remind them that they matter.

Navigating motherhood and being a college student during a pandemic

April 12, 2022 / By

The pandemic has been a whirlwind for a lot of mothers. Despite the pandemic being devastating for many people, college student mothers have immensely struggled to maintain all their daily tasks.