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Cal/OSHA investigates Community Recycling

January 5, 2012 / By
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Sal Partida attends a protest for the closure of Community Recycling/by BERENICE SANCHEZ

by Fabian Gonzalez/South Kern Sol

ARVIN– Committee For a Better Arvin, community members and Brian Baubenviscel from Cal/OSHA met in November to discuss Arvin residents’ concerns and complaints against Community Recycling Center.

Soccer: more than a passion, a style of life

January 5, 2012 / By
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Juan Alvarado/Courtesy Photo

by DIANA CISNEROS/South Kern Sol

GREENFIELD–Though many people have multiple passions in life.

Weitz And Huerta Unite For A Good Cause

January 4, 2012 / By
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Director Chris Weitz visited Bakersfield to promote his film 'A Better Life.'



BAKERSFIELD—October 18 was a special day for the movie ‘A Better Life’ in Kern County.

43 Years After Walkouts, Are Latino Students Better Off?

December 9, 2011 / By
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Sal Castro speaks on a megaphone during the 1968 school walkouts in East Los Angeles.

“Coming Out of the Closet” At Their Own Pace

December 8, 2011 / By
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By Andres Garcia


Ed.Note: Names used in this report have been changed at the request of those interviewed, to ensure confidentiality.

Turf Battle: When the Baseball Diamond Becomes a Soccer Field

December 8, 2011 / By
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By Andres Garcia

A young ballplayer in Lamont shares the diamond with soccer players. / PHOTO: BERENICE SANCHEZ

LAMONT—On any given afternoon or weekend, you can find the benches on one side of Lamont Park being occupied by a group of abuelos (grandpas), tios (uncles), fathers and sons, casually playing a game of cards or dominos.

Graffiti in Lamont: An Ongoing Debate

December 7, 2011 / By
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by Berenice Sanchez for South Kern Sol

LAMONT–Graffiti is an ongoing debate in the small community of Lamont.

My Life My Choice

November 14, 2011 / By



FRESNO—Local youths showcased their artistic talent at recent gathering at the Fresno Boys and Girls Club.

South Kern Band Acapulco Sunrise is Soaring Above the Horizon

November 12, 2011 / By


SOUTH KERN– The young Latin reggae dub band from South Kern known as Acapulco Sunrise jammed out at Narducci’s on Aug.

Her Eyes

November 12, 2011 / By

By: Gibran M. 2011

“Her Eyes”

I’ll show you my scars,

Just to compare whose is bigger.