COMMENTARY: DA prosecutors disrespect community by mocking our neighborhoods

April 30, 2021 / By

By Adeyinka Glover

I am deeply bothered by the actions of a group of current and former prosecutors of the Kern County District Attorney’s Office who believed it was okay to tour East Bakersfield in such an insensitive and nonsensical manner. 

COMMENTARY: I am calling on Kern school districts to implement the Dolores Huerta Day Resolution to inspire our students

April 14, 2021 / By


For the past several years, I have worked towards my career goal of becoming a human rights lawyer.

Commentary: Getting rejected of my right to a COVID-19 vaccine

April 2, 2021 / By

In mid-February, I was eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. I work part-time at a grocery store, so I am deemed as an essential worker who works with food and agriculture.

‘We can’t afford to wait’: It’s time Kern prioritizes people of color during COVID-19 vaccination rollout

February 12, 2021 / By

For all of us who live in Kern County, this is one of the most chilling headlines we can read: “How is vaccination going in Kern County?

COMMENTARY: Representation matters, especially for Black women and girls

February 7, 2021 / By

Growing up, I hardly saw women in the media that looked like and represented me. To say it was rare is an understatement. 

Sol on the Street: What should the Biden Administration prioritize during its first 100 days in office

February 1, 2021 / By

With a new administration taking over the Presidency, many people are hopeful, while many other are skeptical.