Her Eyes

November 12, 2011 /

By: Gibran M. 2011

“Her Eyes”

I’ll show you my scars,

Just to compare whose is bigger.

But after that, I’ll just sit next to you

Holding hands watching the sun set, swinging away.

I wonder have we gotten closer,

Or have our hearts just accepted us?

What led us to be with one another?

Winter was cold, now that feeling has been lost,

Now that you are holding me.

Had it been destiny or just a coincidence?

How we met and gazed at each other from time to time.

How I noticed how beautiful Her Eyes were,

With that pretty smile and gorgeous face.

Trust developed, and as we grew closer,

My cold heart became warm with the site of You.

I hope the same happens to the Revival of love in our Hearts.

We didn’t rush at all but as I gaze into your Eyes,

I see a world unseen.

Has my wish been granted by any means?

They say it’s just teenage love and that it will soon rust.

But as their doubt grew, we did too.

Now it’s just time to swing away because,

I rather just be here at the site of the sun set,

And look at You with those Lovely Eyes that never fade.

I still hope you don’t go away, I rather you stay with me,

Till Death do us apart,

But till then we just reminisce.