In oil-rich Kern County, Arvin poised to regulate petroleum companies for first time in 53 years

11.07.2018 / By

By Marcos Cabrera

After months of inaction, Arvin City Council members will decide this month whether to impose new regulations on future oil and gas facilities in the city of Arvin, potentially pushing petroleum operations back 300 feet from homes and schools.

Gustavo Aguirre talks about IVAN app for reporting local environmental hazards on In the 661

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Gustavo Aguirre talks about how youth leaders collaborated to create a new app, IVAN, for environmental justice.

Lorena Lara talks about Faith in the Valley Kern’s efforts to protect undocumented youth on In the 661

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Lorena Lara from Faith in the Valley Kern talks about what her organization is doing to protect undocumented youth in this segment of In the 661!