ACSD Receives Funding to Replace Contaminated Well

26.05.2017 / By

By Michael Wafford, Arvin Tiller

After several years, the Arvin Community Services District will be receiving a grant for the Brown and Bryant Superfund site from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Speech Calls for Youth to Rise Up

17.05.2017 / By
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By Phoenix Hailing, Photo by Kody Stoebig

Editor’s Note: Phoenix Hailing of Highland High School, 18, gave this speech at the “Day of Resistance” community march and rally held on May 1 at Mill Creek Linear Park in downtown Bakersfield.

Time to Ban ‘Roundup’

17.05.2017 / By

By Randy Villegas

A court ruling in March made California the first state in the nation to require that chemical maker Monsanto label its weed killer Roundup as potentially cancer causing.