DPR, AB 617 work with small communities to ensure pesticide safety

01.12.2021 / By

Kern County is one of the top pesticide users in the state. Shafter and Arvin are working with AB 617 and the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to enforce pesticide monitoring and notification systems to protect their community members and agriculture workers from the use of pesticides.

Arvin’s electric busses and the city’s progress towards air monitoring

09.11.2021 / By

Arvin’s air monitoring has been a primary goal of Assembly Bill 617 (AB 617), a community air protection program to help the most severely impacted communities with air pollution.

The Department of Pesticides and Regulation holding pesticide notification system webinars

02.11.2021 / By

The Department of Pesticides and Regulation (DPR) will be conducting a series of public webinars and workshops as part of the process to develop a statewide pesticide notification system.