Community advocates forge on despite strained relationship with Bakersfield city officials

11.08.2023 / By
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If a friend were in a toxic or abusive relationship, most people would agree that they’d urge their friend to leave or fight back.

Bakersfield City Council rejects additional funding for Eviction Prevention Services program

30.06.2023 / By
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During their June 28 meeting, the Bakersfield City Council chose not to allocate additional funding from the Fiscal Year 2024 budget to create the Eviction Prevention Services program, the comprehensive right-to-counsel program that would provide tenant rights education and outreach, legal services, and advice for landlord/tenant issues, and attorney representation for tenants in court. 

Central Valley community members travel to California State Capitol for Equity on the Mall event

28.04.2023 / By
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On Wednesday, April 26th, Californians from the Central Valley region gathered on the California State Capitol lawn to advocate for issues affecting the valley as part of the 2023 Equity on the Mall event.