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COMMENTARY: Kern County Educators for Ethnic Studies stands with the Black Lives Matter movement

28.10.2020 / By

By Kern Educators for Ethnic Studies

Kern County Educators for Ethnic Studies stands in solidarity with our black students, teachers, and community.

VIDEO: Photojournalist Henry Barrios captures and reflects on racial, political, cultural divide

26.10.2020 / By

“Prior to the fights, it was a very peaceful protest,” a Bakersfield Police Department spokesman said of a local Breonna Taylor vigil in late September.

McFarland, Delano communities come together to clean up local lake

05.10.2020 / By

In the Delano-McFarland area, people enjoy spending their summer days at Lake Woollomes – a 455-acre area where families can have picnics, children can run around, and anyone can enjoy the water, whether they are boating, swimming, or fishing.