Looking Forward to Safe, Clean Water at Arvin High

01.06.2016 / By

By David Acosta

I am a junior at Arvin High School. In all my three years here my peers and I have rarely drank water from the school fountains because the water is contaminated with arsenic.

Putting Higher Ed. Within Reach for South Kern Residents

14.04.2016 / By

By Yesenia Aguilar

Arvin High School’s mission, like that of most high schools, is to ensure its students graduate college and career ready.

South Kern Community Celebrates Safe Water at #Agua4All Rally

14.04.2016 / By

South Kern Sol, News Report, Marcus Castro

South Kern community members gathered at the #Agua4All rally to celebrate the installation of filters in certain locations throughout the South Kern that produce safe water, but also to discuss how that is just a start to fixing a larger problem.