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Ways to maintain children’s mental and physical health over the Summer

June 2, 2023 / By
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As Summer vacation is starting, many children welcome a lot of free time. While spending the day binging a new show or playing video games may be tempting, it’s important to stay active. 

ACLU filed a lawsuit against Kern County to stop plea mill

May 12, 2023 / By
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The American Civil Liberties Union and Willkie Far & Gallagher LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of three Kern County residents and the United Farm Workers against Kern County for operating a plea mill.

GBLA will be hosting a free virtual Fair Housing Conference

April 21, 2023 / By
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On Friday, April 28th Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance (GBLA) will be holding its 10th annual Fair Housing Conference. 

‘It can be peaceful and full of love, there doesn’t have to be any judgment’ Local Artist connects the community through music

March 23, 2023 / By
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Crimson Skye, a local singer-songwriter, just performed recently for an NPR submission on Youtube for the single “Fire,” with band members Jordan Belardes playing the electric violin and Adrian Diaz on drums.

What new bills have Kern County state legislators introduced so far, this year?

February 27, 2023 / By
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When looking at a map of state legislative districts and Kern County, a total of five state representatives represent Kern County — two of them in the state senate and three in the state assembly.

BCSD teachers find ways to prioritize the mental health of students through CASEL

February 24, 2023 / By
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Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) was created in 1994 as a response to a better approach to teaching the “whole child,” as Dr.

Delano hopes to be the first city in the Central Valley to pass rent control

February 16, 2023 / By
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Renters in Delano are facing many challenges as the rent price keeps going up and the city of Delano is hoping that a rent control ordinance is passed so that they can be the first city in the Central Valley to pass rent control.

Dr. Eddie R. Cole speaks at Bakersfield College

February 15, 2023 / By
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Dr. Eddie R. Cole is an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Organizational Change at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the author of the critically acclaimed book The Campus Color Line: College Presidents and the Struggle for Black Freedom.

“Our Story” a musical highlighting Black history comes to Bakersfield

January 26, 2023 / By
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On February 6 “Our Story,” a musical focused on uplifting Black history, will be coming to Bakersfield at the Fox Theater. 

The Arevalo family’s uses their platform to bring awareness to the deaf community

January 17, 2023 / By
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Estefani and Oscar Arevalo have a small family in Kern County where they work, thrive, and educate the community about what it means to be deaf or hard of hearing.