LGBTQ Student Offers Coming-out Message of Love and Acceptance

October 20, 2017 / By

By Chyna Patz

Ed. Note: Oct. 11, 2017 marked the 29th anniversary of National Coming Out Day, a celebration of the march on Washington which saw half a million in protest for gay and lesbian rights.

High Schoolers Walk Out to Protest DACA Decision

October 10, 2017 / By

More than 100 students from Golden Valley, South, and Bakersfield High School walked out today in protest of the Trump’s administration recent decision to end DACA.

Life Experiences Help LGBTQ Organizer Find True Calling

August 3, 2017 / By
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By Marcus Castro

Editor’s Note: This story is part of an ongoing South Kern Sol series of profiles of local social justice activists and organizers.

Bakersfield Residents Seek Police Reforms at City Council Meeting

July 28, 2017 / By

South Kern Sol, Dean Welliver

A month after a teenage girl says she was beaten by police officers and attacked by their police dog, community members expressed their outrage to the Bakersfield City Council.

DiGiorgio Action Park Will Hold Grand Opening

July 18, 2017 / By
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By Marcus Castro

The youth-led movement to get a skatepark in Arvin will finally make its way to the grand opening event of DiGiorgio Action Park.

7 Consejos de Que Hacer y No Hacer Sobre Problemas Migratorios

March 10, 2017 / By

Por Randy Villegas, Traducido por El Popular News.

Una coalición de abogados locales ha estado haciendo presentaciones en CSUB para informar a los residentes de esta comunidad sobre sus derechos, no importando su estado migratorio.