Court ruling reverses Kern Superior Court decision; students can sue state for ‘failing’ to hold school districts accountable for discriminatory practices

28.08.2019 / By

A California Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that students and community organizations can sue the State of California, through the Superintendent of Public Instruction, for failing to monitor and hold school districts accountable for discriminatory suspension, expulsion or transfer, according to a press release by the Equal Justice Society.

Voter Engagement Project encourages residents to be civically engaged; ready to inform community of elections and census

28.08.2019 / By

The Kern County Voter Engagement Project is gearing up for another big push this school year, with two big events taking place next year — the Presidential election and 2020 Census.

Delano students fight to rid of school policy temporarily prohibiting participation in athletics

09.08.2019 / By

A group of Delano students expressed dissatisfaction at a school board meeting with with a policy that prohibits students from participating in sports for a year when transferring schools.