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KCCD welcomes New Chancellor Steven Bloomberg and Bakersfield College President Jerry Fliger

March 25, 2024 / By
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The Kern Community College District (KCCD) welcomed newly appointed leaders District Chancellor Steven Bloomberg and Bakersfield College President Jerry Fliger at the Weill Institute, last Thursday.

BC Panel Amplifies Black Voices: Stories and Perspectives Shared from students and faculty

February 29, 2024 / By
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Throughout February, Bakersfield College highlighted a variety of topics for Black History Month. BC’s Student Government Association (BCSGA) hosted a panel called “Campus Stories: Voices of Black Scholars at Bakersfield College” to share stories and perspectives from students and faculty on February 22. 

Bakersfield College-Delano Campus showcases new Learning Resource Center

September 7, 2023 / By
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The new Learning Resource Center building was added to the Bakersfield College-Delano Campus to meet the growing academic and professional needs of the Delano community and surrounding areas.

City seeks community input for grant funding to benefit Southeast Bakersfield

April 21, 2023 / By
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The City of Bakersfield and other partners are currently working on a $30 million grant application for their Southeast Strong project with the goal of impacting the Southeast community of Bakersfield. 

Bakersfield College holds second Consent Fair

April 4, 2023 / By
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Bakersfield College (BC) held its second annual Consent Fair which brought in over a hundred people and a handful of educational booths. 

Dr. Eddie R. Cole speaks at Bakersfield College

February 15, 2023 / By
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Dr. Eddie R. Cole is an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Organizational Change at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the author of the critically acclaimed book The Campus Color Line: College Presidents and the Struggle for Black Freedom.

Bakersfield College professors leave students feeling unsafe

December 15, 2022 / By
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“Disrespected, irritated, angry, and unwanted,” is how Jordyn Davis explained feeling after being met with a hostile environment from professors at Bakersfield College. 

Class of 2023 express their thoughts on college applications

December 2, 2022 / By
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High school seniors express their sentiments on applying to college and their plans for the future.

Op-Ed: A call to KCCD leaders ‘do not allow such hateful rhetoric and actions to continue’

November 15, 2022 / By
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Op-Ed by: BC Professor, Paula L. Parks Ph.D

As seven African American students walked into a committee meeting at Bakersfield College, there were murmurs, frowns, and hostile stares.

Retired professor, Gonzalo Santos, statement to BC Curriculum Committee

October 20, 2022 / By
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Editors note: Retired California State University of Bakersfield professor, Gonzalo Santos, addressed the Bakersfield College Academic Senate Curriculum Committee in regards to two proposed courses.