‘The Vow’ More Than Words

March 2, 2012 /

'The Vow' stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams/Courtesy of Sony Pictures



  ‘The Vow’ is a romantic yet tragic story of a young couple, where the wife, Paige  (Rachel McAdams) suffers memory loss after a car accident and her husband, Leo (Channing Tatum) feels he must do everything in his power and will to rekindle and regain their ‘lost’ marriage and love.

‘The Vow’ came out right before Valentine’s Day rush on the Feb. 12.  I think it was perfect timing and a great Valentine’s Day date movie. Its opening weekend was a success. It made the gross of $41,202,458, according to IMDb.

The romantic movie revolves on around Paige (McAdams), who’s an aspiring and up and coming artist/sculptor, and Leo (Tatum), who’s a successful recording studio owner. The movie takes you through beautiful endeavors, which are tearjerkers but they’re worth the tears. The message of the movie is:  the value of love and how it easily it can be lost.

The movie was based on a real life couple’s story. This gave the film an extra layer of tenderness. Personally, I cried through some parts and it takes a lot to make me cry. The beautiful art, words and actions that took part should sway you to love this movie and feel the characters struggles and frustrations.

I highly recommend the movie whether it would be by alone or as a couple. It’s a perfect movie to take your significant other. If you take a date, make sure they are comfortable with crying and snuggling in public. Just sit back and allow yourself to feel, love and let your emotions flow.

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