DiGiorgio Action Park Will Hold Grand Opening

July 18, 2017 /

By Marcus Castro

The youth-led movement to get a skatepark in Arvin will finally make its way to the grand opening event of DiGiorgio Action Park.

Though the park has been open for use for a while now, there will be a grand opening that will showcase the groups that had a hand in the making of the action park.

The event will be held at DiGiorgio Action Park July 25 from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. The action park is on the corner of Meyer Avenue and Haven Drive. The City of Arvin, The California Endowment, Building Healthy Communities and The Tony Hawk Foundation are all a part of making this event.

There will be free food for the first 200 attendees as well as giveaways and signings from professional skaters.

Since a group of young people came up with the idea of making the skatepark and served a lead role in the planning of the action park, there will be signed certificates of recognition for those youth who were most involved.

The City of Arvin’s Community Development Director Marti Brown said, “It was really because of their [the youth] effort that brought this whole project to fruition, so the mayor and council will be signing certificates of recognition for their hard work.”

The action park gives young people of Arvin a safe way of getting active and have fun with their friends.

“The city doesn’t have a lot of amenities for youth… so I think one thing, clearly, is its given young people something else to do and a different way to spend their time,” said Brown.

Before the action park was an actual project, a group of young people in Arvin had the idea and the drive to get the movement and word spreading.

“They [the youth] showed themselves what’s possible, what they can do and how they can make a project,” said Brown.

Since the construction of the park ended, the action park has been used quite a bit.

“It’s in constant use. Even before we took the fence down and opened it up officially and publically, kids were already finding was ways through the fence to start using it as soon as it was done,” said Brown.

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