Sol on the Street: CSUB students celebrate sustainability month

October 21, 2019 /

Every October college campuses celebrate Campus Sustainability Month, an international celebration of sustainability in higher education.

To celebrate, college campuses organize events to engage and inspire students to make sustainability changes. Cal State Bakersfield is holding a series of events to celebrate Sustainability Month.

Kern Sol News spoke with students at CSUB to see what changes they are making to be more sustainable. Here’s what they had to say:

“I try to carpool as much as I can to save energy rather than always driving my car.”

Gursimran Kaur

“I live in Taft, but I wish I lived closer because if I did, I would pledge to ride my bike. (Sustainability) is important. I think if we can do something to help, it’s our responsibility to try. Right now, at home we eat our meals on dishes that are washable and aren’t thrown away. I have thought about recycling our water to start a garden.”

— Brittany Bonds

“My friend and I have begun ride sharing once a week after receiving the email.”

— Adrian Duenas

“I’m considering recycling and building a garden for more natural foods.”

— Alexis Kemp

“In order to help with sustainability on campus, I actually walk to school as well as my roommates, and my friends that live in Shafter or anywhere, we tell them to park there (on the dorms) and we just all walk to campus in order to not use the cars and to avoid parking situations. As well as recycling at home, aluminum, plastic, and then taking them to the recycling center.”

— Vivana Navaroo

“It’s my first year here at CSUB and what I’ve been doing is actually riding my bike to campus. Thankfully I don’t live too far away. I carpool with my brother when I don’t have the opportunity. I think just having different means of transportation is really good for sustainability.”

Arjun Ynostroza

“I carpool with three of my friends to minimize gas missions. I pick up trash when I see it.”

— Jose Garcia

Jessica Manzo

Jessica Manzo is a youth reporter for South Kern Sol and a student at Cal State Bakersfield.