Sol on the Street: Bakersfield College students adapt to virtual studies, respond to Census online

April 14, 2020 /

Loss of privacy, constant noise, and late nights – just a few of the daily distractions of life experienced during a pandemic for students finding ways to adjust to the ‘new normal.’

We reached out to a few students at Bakersfield College via email about how they’re coping as the spring semester continues online.

Jasmine Herrera: Student, Bakersfield College.

This whole pandemic has been a bit stressful. Having to do online classes around all my family at home, doing their own work, and dealing with all the background noise. However, it’s also had some positive rewards. I now spend more time with my siblings and parents by playing board games, cooking for fun, playing video games, and watching family videos which I’ve missed so much since I was always a busy person.

I love to study at night when everyone is asleep, because I seem to focus more when no one is around talking or asking me random questions. I get into the class readings much more in depth and start researching topics assigned by my professors.

I filled out my census questionnaire for my whole family as soon as I received my census ID form in the mail. I responded not only for my family, but because I know it is very important that we get the resources needed to improve our community.

Daniel Escobar: Vice President, Bakersfield College Student Government Association.

I have been coping with this pandemic by staying home, doing a lot of hand washing, finding things to do around the house and spending more time with my mom. I have found studying is a lot more difficult because I usually do not take online classes. I had to drop my English class because I was not doing well.

I completed my census questionnaire about two weeks ago because I have several friends that work for the Census, and I have heard a couple presentations about the importance of completing it. As soon as I obtained mine in the mail, I filled it out. I knew it was something I had to do.

Daniela Martinez: Senator, Bakersfield College Student Government Association, Census Ambassador, Vice President, Bakersfield College Complete Count.

It has been very difficult to manage my classes online. I am currently taking six classes, due to COVID-19 and the online transition, I had to drop a class. I have a Chromebook laptop, but some apps are not compatible, so I need to upgrade my computer. I’ve communicated this to my professor, and they have been understanding so I don’t fail my class.

I filled out my census questionnaire because my community in the city of Lamont and Weedpatch needs the funding for programs such as Head Start, and free meal programs. I also know that after the COVID-19 quarantine ends, this funding will help our communities recover as many people will be unemployed.

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