Sol on the Street: Community leaders share how they are coping with stress during pandemic

February 18, 2021 /

COVID-19 has shaken the world and local communities. It has been over a year since the pandemic began. Each individual has had to adapt in multiple areas of their lives.

The drastic changes of quarantine and social distancing can make people favor a routine that they can hold onto or pick up a new hobby. For many, this can be doing a daily hobby or small activity, in order to handle stress
brought on by the pandemic.

Kern Sol News checked in with Kern County community leaders and asked them what they do every day to handle their stress during the pandemic as a way to provide insight to local residents.

Camila Chavez

“Every night at dinner my family and I share gratitude statements. We take long hikes on weekends as well.”

— Camila Chavez, the executive director of the Dolores Huerta Foundation

Ucedrah Osby
Ucedrah Osby

“I absolutely enjoy music. So, each and every day, I light candles and listen to smooth jazz and neo-soul.”

— Ucedrah Osby, the President of the Bakersfield Chapter of All of Us or None

“In our new normal, when it is easy to feel isolated, I focus on establishing and strengthening connections… It is important for me to get outside and take a walk under our big Kern County sky and feel the light on my face. I also find myself writing more notes and making more phone calls to check in on others and let them know I’m thinking of them.”

— Dr. Lynnette Zelezny, President of California State University Bakersfield

Greg Terry

“I try to make time, at least once a day, to get away from everything and take a few minutes to enjoy some good peace and quiet.”

— Greg Terry, the Bakersfield Police Department Chief

Nataly Santamaria

“One thing I do every day to handle the stress during the Pandemic is Bailoterapia.”

— Nataly Santamaria, Kern County Promotora Network Manager for Visión y Compromiso

Olivia Trujillo

“I like to go to my 5-acre land to feed my new baby goats. I co-mother them so I bottle feed them. I hope to one day create a nice petting zoo, to share with the community. I think I will also get some rabbits.”

— Olivia Trujillo, Mayor of Arvin

Bryan Osorio

“I like to walk my two dogs every day. Their names are Timon and Nemo, from the Disney movies Lion King and Nemo.”

— Bryan Osorio, the Mayor of Delano