School districts across the Central Valley recognize Dolores Huerta Day

April 13, 2021 /

The Bakersfield City School District is one of many school districts in the state to adopt a resolution to formally honor the life of Dolores Huerta. 

Dolores Huerta is a social justice activist that fights for farmworker rights and immigration reform and is the first living and only living person to hold this honor. 

The Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF) works with parents and youth throughout the Central Valley and has collected statements of allies to pass Dolores Huerta Day through the School Board Resolutions. 

“We must recognize the leadership of women, and the struggle of Dolores Huerta, which farmworkers have benefitted from, and know that we still have a lot to do,” said Monica, a parent from Bakersfield, showed her support stating. “We must continue the legacy of Dolores Huerta who continues to fight to this day.” 

With several of other parents’ and guardians’ support, Dolores Huerta’s life and the impacts of her advocacy in the Central Valley will be implemented in the curriculum for future generations on or around April 10th to commemorate her birthday. 

This new curriculum was developed in 2019, with the help of Wendy Greenfield, a retired teacher, and other educators. Due to COVID-19, these efforts were put on pause to focus on the immediate needs of the community. Due to 2020 nationwide events that took place, the Dolores Huerta Foundation felt that young students needed to learn about leaders that stood up for their beliefs and advocated for social justice advocacy. In 2021, the lesson plans have been presented to different school boards and the DHF has held a webinar for participants from all over California and Texas so that other school districts outside of the Central Valley may also implement their curriculum. 

Today, 5  school districts across the Central Valley, representing more 113,000 students, have officially recognized April 10 as Dolores Huerta Day. The DHF stated the organization will continue to advocate for more school districts to implement their curriculum so that students may have an education that is reflective of their community.

Featured photo: On Friday April 10, 2020, Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union, celebrated her 90th birthday. Huerta stepped out of her daughters house and waved as a parade of family and friends drove by honking horns, playing and singing music and wishing the beloved leader a happy birthday. People drove by to comply with the social distancing restrictions that are encouraged to stop the spread of the Coronavirus that has spread throughout the world including the United States. Dolores Huerta continues to be involved in current labor, social, and political issues. Photos by Henry A. Barrios