Arvin City Council works on upgrading Arvin parks

July 28, 2021 /

The Arvin City Council has decided to fund DiGiorgio Park to create more activities for the children — a project that was postponed due to the pandemic.

“We have determined that there are several projects available in parks and we will have an upcoming resource of funding for a program known as the Prop 68 Per Capita Allocation,” said Christine Viterelli, a grant specialist. “Through my conversations with the state, there is approximately $190,000 that we are eligible to apply for, and we currently have two grant applications pending.”

The two pending grant applications are for Kovacevich and Smothermon Park renovation projects that will occur later in the year. These two grants are under Prop 68 Competitive grant. Therefore, the choice for the Per Capita Allocation fund will go to either DiGiorgio Park or Felicita Park.

The final decision was to fund the DiGiorgio park because it is in the center of Arvin, and it will benefit more people in the community. The plan is to add amenities to the park for community members, including a basketball court, a baseball field, or lights in the park. The decision for what activities will be incorporated in the park is still being decided.

The cost of amenities varies depending on what activities are developed. Typically, lights for the park are about $233,000, swings about $8,000, and a new playground is about $209,000, according to Arvin officials.

With some grants pending, the city expects an increase in funds for the park projects.