Arvin has been awarded a $2.9 million grant to receive two new electric busses

April 9, 2022 /

The Federal Transit Authority has granted Arvin $2.9 million to receive two new electric buses and a renewable microgrid.

“It is great news to us. We really need the grant for two electric buses to add to our fleet so we can reduce pollution in the air in Arvin. To begin with, Arvin has a lot of pollution,” said Hesham Elshazly, Transit Manager. “This process is going to help us save money.”

Elshazly explains that the buses will be fully electric, and based on the current 3 electric buses, Arvin is saving about 3,000 gallons of diesel per month. The two new electric buses will help save a lot of money and improve air quality in the community.

The renewable microgrid will power the buses. It will have a battery backup system that will provide emergency power. In case of an emergency, the city will be able to provide power.

“[The buses] will save over $3 million in energy usage for the 20-year useful life of the project,” said Viterelli. “More importantly, it further transitions City of Arvin transit from diesel buses to fully electric vehicles which improve Arvin’s air quality and has direct health benefits for our community residents.”

This money can be put back into city activities and provide additional services to residents

This will improve the air quality for residents. Diesel fuel pollution is being reduced with these electric vehicles. Currently, the particular matter for Arvin is between 93 and 98 percent.

The buses should be provided by the end of the year and the microgrid should be provided within two years of the award date.

Arvin is currently working on getting more charging stations for electric vehicles. Residents are encouraged to change to an electric vehicle.

“We would also like to encourage residents to consider transitioning to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles,” said Viterelli. “The city has already installed 10 Level 2 electric charging stations behind Arvin Veterans Hall and Adobe Complex with plans to bring a DC-Fast charger and three level 2 charging stations to the Arvin Park and ride within the next months. These charging stations are set at a very low cost, only the cost of the actual electricity. We set the cost to benefit the residents, and to encourage public use of the charging stations.”


Erica Murillo

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