Kern County youth share their plans for the year

February 1, 2023 /

The dawn of the new year marks the time when people all around create New Year’s resolutions, hoping to create meaningful goals that lead them to their hopes and dreams.

As time goes by, the momentum to keep these goals can sometimes dwindle. The closing of the first month of 2023 is a time when many people review their goals for the year. For this reason, Kern Sol News turned to local youth to ask them about what they want to do in 2023 and how they’re going to do it.

“What I want to accomplish this year, I want to finish off my senior year with like good grades, above a 3.0. Another thing I want to accomplish is not really a measurable thing, but it’s like making memories and having fun, which is something I do every day. But I’ve been on top of my work and I’ve been trying to balance my social, personal, and school life from each other. I’ve also been spending more time with my friends.” – Dre Espanta, 17, Arvin High.

“I wanna figure out what college I’ma go to and what I’ll major in. I also want to go get my cats neutered. For the college one, I’ll try and allocate time to figure things out, but that is kind of hard with me procrastinating with K-dramas. And for my cats, I’ll be able to drive them when I get my license.” – Jane Corona, 17, Arvin High

“I want to improve as a musician, and I’ll do that by continuing to pursue musical ventures like auditioning to bands in college and joining musical ensembles.” – Adam Acosta, 18, Arvin High

“This year what I want to accomplish is I want to graduate. It’s super important since it’s the first step when you go out into the world. So I’m focusing on my grades and what I need to graduate. I’m doing pretty well on them. My Economics class might be a little hard but I’m fine as long as I pass.” – Mya Beltran, 18, Arvin High.

“This year I plan to make the most of my last semester. I want to continue to make memories that I can cherish for years to come. I want to be able to look back and think fondly of high school. How? Well, I feel that comes with having fun. I’ll make time to be with friends and join the activities I genuinely want to join. I’ll do the things I’ve been too busy or afraid to do before.” – Sara Pantoja, 17, Arvin High.

“Forreal, I want to pierce my chin. To do this I will need to go to a real piercing place.” – Caecilian Pantoja, 17, Arvin High.