Sol on the Street: Arvin High School students highlight inspirational women

March 31, 2023 /

March is Women’s History Month, a special month dedicated to honoring and highlighting the amazing women in the world. Throughout the month of March, different students at Arvin High School shared about the inspiring women in their lives.

“It is kind of basic but my mom and my sister inspire me the most, Patricia and Sara Pantoja. I love my mom, she works hard. Although she doesn’t have what people would consider a real job, which is babysitting, she works hard for me and my family. She always takes care of us and is there as support. My sister is currently a senior in high school and she takes so many advanced classes, such as AP and honors, so that she has an opportunity to get into any school she wants. Literally, about a week ago, she got accepted into John Hopkins University, which was one of her top schools! Even though it is going to be hard, I’m happy for her. Even though it’s far, like all the way to Maryland, if she decides to go, I just know that she is going to be happy. She has become someone who has inspired me to do my best in order to achieve my goals.” – Angelica Pantoja

“My mom inspires me the most. I am here, alive, because of her. She has become my primary caretaker and has tried her hardest to provide me with a good life. Compared to my other family, I get to be with her the most.” – Dioniso Chavarin

“My mom and my sister inspire me the most. My mom works hard as a field worker to provide for my family. Growing up, she had to balance work and taking care of me and my siblings, even today. As for my sister, she is about to graduate from UCLA! It is really exciting, graduating from such a good school. For me, she has become an example of achieving the impossible.” – Alicia Guerreo

“The most inspiring woman in my life is my mom. It might be a generic answer, but it’s very true for me! She has taught me how to be kind, empathize with others, and never judge anyone. She has passed down her kindness to me. Not only that but she also works in the medical field, and daily, tries her best to take care of others and their well-being. She accepts me for being trans and supports all of my endeavors! I love her so much!” – Tommy Espanta

“The most inspiring woman in my life is my mother, Lorena Hernandez, because she has time and time again shown me about perseverance and kindness, even when I least expect it. I aspire to be as kind, caring, and understanding as her. She works so hard and does so much, and that keeps me going.” – Miranda Gallardo

“I love my mom, she is like my best friend. Fun fact: my mom is really young, she is 36 years old (I am 18 by the way). Given the age gap, I know that my mom had me very young, just after graduating from high school. I can’t imagine all the difficulty, doubt, fear, and judgment she was getting all around her. However, once having me, and watching me grow up, I think she found more happiness within herself. She is always a big support in the household. She is a homemaker (as it says on official papers), providing us with checkups on the house, bills, and payments. Despite not really having a job, she really does try her best to be helpful and take care of all the household tasks, which is still very hard. Not only that, but she loves K-pop and K-dramas, which is so cool. She is quite accepting of people around her, and always lends an ear to my problems. I am proud that she is my mom, she is a wonderful woman. That’s why, now being an official adult, I want to become an outstanding daughter with amazing achievements in order to make her feel special and be proud of the life that she has. P.S.: My mom’s name is Romina, but people call her Marisol, weird right?” – Giselle Vargas

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