Community members calls for the resignation of Supervisor Scrivner amid allegations

May 7, 2024 /

The Kern County Board of Supervisors held its first meeting since the allegations of Kern County Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner allegedly sexually assaulting one of his children last month. Scrivner was absent from the Board Meeting. 

During the public presentations part of the Board Meeting several people requested the resignation and questioned the leadership of Scrivner.

Due to the allegations, Taft College head baseball coach returned a certificate of recognition that was presented to them from Scrivner in February. “It pains me to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway. I want to give this certificate back,” Coach Vincent Maiocco said. “I know everybody is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But the court of public opinion weighs [heavily] on me and that’s why I feel it’s necessary for me to return the certificate of recognition.”

“We spent the first part of the morning honoring people and now it pains me to do this but  personally, I believe that Mr. Scrivner is guilty of what he’s accused of,” community member Andy Hensel said.

“According to our County Sheriff, there is suspected evidence of psychotic behavior, illegal drug possession, and sexually assaulting one of his children.  Due to his county leadership position, I am requesting Mr. Shrivner to resign immediately.  This type of behavior is not acceptable to the citizens of Kern County,” community member Dennis McLean said.

“Our communities and your communities should not have to be represented by someone with these allegations, with these restraining orders and these investigations taking place. And so we demand for each of you to call on Supervisor Scrivner to resign. And to use your position to hold Kern County accountable for these practices that were taking place behind closed doors,” Noel Garcia said, on the behalf of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

Ucedrah Osby, Executive Director of Community Interventions discussed the “special treatment”  Scrivner has and said “it’s white privilege at its core.”

“Black and brown people are harmed daily by the criminal legal system.  They are held without sufficient evidence, falsely accused, given false information, without bail, and slandered in the media, with mug shots and social media photos showing their families and friends.  Where is the same energy for the Board of Supervisors Scrivner?” Osby continued. “Kern County must take a stand and call for the resignation of Zach Scrivner.  He works for us. He’s paid with our tax dollars. He must be relieved of his role as Board of Supervisors. The reign is over for people who use their platforms for privilege. The walls are crumbling fast. Act now because the community will never forget this… Kern County has a history of doing nothing or doing everything.  I urge you  to do everything  and this is a very tragic event and prayers go out to his children.”

Alex Gonzalez, also spoke on the behalf of the Dolores Huerta Foundation said “Scrivner, an elected representative, who because of his political position and his different connections to law enforcement, has received clear preferential treatment over a series of extremely harmful actions. Harmful to his family and harmful to the county. There are stark disparities in how justice is administered in our county.  While the current County Sheriff’s Office is notorious across the world for being one of the deadliest law enforcement agencies, it’s perplexing to see them suddenly exercise restraint when it comes to the DA’s nephew.” 

Gonzalez continued, “They were even capable of recognizing a mental health crisis, a privilege that our communities of color are not afforded. I hope you recognize the supervisors. and reflect on the fact that you’re protecting a domestic abuser while families of color mourn the loss of loved ones at the hands of the same justice system.Supervisors, you have a responsibility to uphold justice and democracy with transparency. Your silence makes you complicit in the miscarriage of justice, all for the sake of protecting people within your political circle.”

Last month on April 27, KCSO held a press conference regarding Scrivner about a physical altercation that happened in his Tehachapi home on April 23rd. 

Sheriff Youngblood said on April 23 approximately at 11 p.m. he received a call from District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, Scrivner’s aunt, that she was concerned about her nephew and he was having “some type of a psychotic episode.” Zimmer told Youngblood that Scrivner was armed with a gun. Shortly after, Zimmer called Youngblood back to let deputies know that Scrivner was disarmed before arriving at the home. 

Upon arriving, deputies secured a gun and started an investigation. 

During their investigation, they learned that Scrivner had a physical altercation with his children and Scrivner was stabbed twice in his upper torso. Scrivner was treated with non-life-threatening injuries at Kern Medical. 

Youngblood said the physical altercation occurred because Scrivner allegedly sexually assaulted one of his children. “The child was protecting the other child from what he believed occurred,” said Youngblood in last month’s press conference.

As of May 7th no charges have been filed on Scrivner.  

The California Attorney has confirmed and agreed to review the investigation reports against Scrivner to determine whether or not to file criminal charges. KGET reported last week Scrivner’s wife, Christina Scrivner (who filed for divorce in March), filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order against her husband and asked a judge to keep him away from their children.

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