Wonderful Company to file lawsuit to stop new card check law

May 13, 2024 /

Los Angeles-based farming empire Wonderful Company will file a lawsuit in Kern County Superior Court today that aims to nullify California’s new “card-check” law.

The law allows unions to hand out cards to workers to sign to be represented by a union.  The lawsuit is in response to a recent victory by the United Farm Workers at Wonderful Nurseries in Wasco.  Among other things, the lawsuit alleges the new card-check law is unconstitutional and lacks due process for growers.  This is a breaking story and Kern Sol News will have more on this.  

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Jose Gaspar

José Gaspar is a veteran journalist and former news anchor/reporter with Telemundo, Bakersfield. Prior, he worked 28 years at KBAK-TV as a reporter. Email him at jose@southkernsol.org.