Scrivner investigation currently in the hands of California Attorney General’s Office

May 22, 2024 /

Kern Sol News has learned that the California Attorney General’s Office is reviewing the child molestation case against Kern County Supervisor Zack Scrivner.  The Kern County Sheriff’s Office began the investigation against Scrivner on April 23.  But the AG’s office is not saying much else about the case.  An email from the AG press office to Kern Sol News reads, “At this point all we can confirm is that we are reviewing the case.”

The case was turned over to the State because the Kern County District Attorney’s Office has a conflict of interest in reviewing it.  District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer is the aunt of Scrivner.  After reviewing the investigation, the AG’s office may decide if criminal charges against Scrivner will be filed.

The Kern County Board of Supervisors had their second board meeting since the allegations of Scrivner allegedly sexually assaulting one of his children last month. As Scrivener’s seat remains vacant several community members once again requested answers and the resignation of Scrivner during the board meeting on May 21.

As of Tuesday’s recent board meeting, no charges have been filed on Scrivner. 

Scrivener’s attorney H.A. Sala announced in a press release last week that as of May 6, Scrivner is on a medical leave of absence. 

One of the community speakers Vince Maiocco read a statement on behalf of the town hall organizers who wish to remain anonymous due to “local political pressure.” Although he was not part of the town hall organization, he is also a concerned citizen on this issue in Kern County, he said. 

“We, the people, members of the community, and voters in District Two formally ask for an item to be placed on your agenda. Recently, a public hall was to be held to openly discuss our options to fill the vacated or otherwise district two supervisor seat, our wish for supervisor Scrivner was to resign. We’re met with an indefinite leave of absence,” Morocco said to the board on behalf of the anonymous organizers.

He continued: “Essentially leaving us unrepresented for an unknown amount of time. Our meeting was canceled due to intended or unintended political pressure. We are asking for an opportunity to be heard and educated in a safe, neutral environment. Since our calls for resignation were denied by Supervisor Scrivener, it has been left to us as a community to find a solution to be represented in a productive manner.”

Several people also questioned why Scrivner has not been arrested.

“These recent actions from Zach Scrivner are disgusting, they’re foul, and they go against everything that a public official should stand for. It has been one month since these allegations and yet there hasn’t been any arrest or any updates given to the community in which he represents. Given the severity of these allegations and the position that Zach holds, the community must be given some updates on the status,” Armando Garcia with Kern County Young Democrat Leaders said.

Armando Garcia with Kern County Young Democrat Leaders demanding for the resignation of Supervisor Zack Scrivner as his seat remains vacant during the Kern County Board of Supervisors board meeting on May 21. (Haley Duval/Sol Kern News) Continue story down below.

Garcia also told the board regardless of the outcome they demand that Scrivner resign from his post immediately. “He has tainted the integrity of this board and should have any influence or power that he has stripped away from him.”

“It’s unconscionable that someone accused of such heinous crimes is allowed to continue serving in a position of power,” Harveen Kaur, Vice President of Kern Young Dem Leaders, told the board. “Let’s just call him what he is. A pedophile.”

Last month on April 27, KCSO announced in a press conference that at approximately 11 p.m. on April 23 Sheriff Youngblood received a call from District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, Scrivner’s aunt, that she was concerned about her nephew and he was having “some type of a psychotic episode.”  Upon arriving, deputies secured a gun and started an investigation. 

During their investigation, they learned that Scrivner had a physical altercation with his children and Scrivner was stabbed twice in his upper torso. Scrivner was treated with non-life-threatening injuries at Kern Medical. 

Youngblood said the physical altercation occurred because Scrivner allegedly sexually assaulted one of his children. “The child was protecting the other child from what he believed occurred,” said Youngblood in last month’s press conference.

Scrivener’s attorney H.A. Sala denied the sexual allegations last month.

On May 22, Kern Sol News reached out to the California Attorney General’s Office and they confirmed they are reviewing the case from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. 

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