November 12, 2011 /

by Isidro Alejandro Gonzalez, 16, from Arvin High School  Special to South Kern Sol


I sit and think, will love reach my heart or is it all in vain?

I miss you and think about you and the way your beautiful smile makes me want        to reach out and make u mine.

But as your angel, I cannot express my deepest emotions.

My heart is chained and bleeds upon in pain.

And my sorrow, not willing to express my might and feelings towards you.

A man does this so upon his heart won’t suffer from a heart being handed back and crushed.

I cry in agony.

My wings from my feathers falling apart, heart chained, feelings locked away.

Only you can seat my heart free with your heart,

Which it holds the key to bringing me happiness.

Set me free and forever let me love you with all my might,

And show you my “heart” is like no other.

Only willing to please you agony and find its loving<3