How the City of Wasco helped the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

November 29, 2022 / By
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The City of Wasco played a key role during the COVID-19 pandemic as they held pop-up vaccine clinics and food distributions with the help of the American Rescue Plan funding.

Health officials predict a COVID-19 surge in the following months

October 14, 2022 / By

Health officials predict a COVID-19 wave to hit in mid to late October and will rise in January.

Galeria de Fotos: San Pablo Tijaltepec

October 5, 2022 / By

Música y comida tradicional reunieron a más de 400 miembros de la comunidad de San Pablo Tijaltepec un pueblo del municipio de Oaxaca, México en la comunidad de Taft el pasado domingo

Vibrant Celebration Showcases Oaxaca’s Culture, Traditions, COVID-19 Education in Taft

October 4, 2022 / By

Traditional music and food brought together more than 400 members of the community of San Pablo Tijaltepec, in Taft this past Sunday. The tamborazo rumbled to the sound of the Novillo Despuntado while those present enjoyed one of the most typical dishes of this region: mole pozole.

The Bivalent COVID-19 booster will be available to children as young as five next month

September 23, 2022 / By
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children as young as five years old will soon be authorized to get the updated COVID-19 booster vaccine beginning in the middle of October.

Updated Moderna and Pfizer boosters get approval from CDC and FDA

September 2, 2022 / By
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The director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Rochelle Walensky, signed off on updated COVID-19 vaccine boosters from Pfizer and Moderna.