Someone’s Everyday Life

January 22, 2012 /

Feeling pain is the worst thing.

Especially when you’re a teenage kid.

Pain came from within all of us.

But its caused mostly by the people around us.

And it makes us bleed profusely.

It seems like taking a toke, holding in the smoke,

And downing the bottle would be the next best solution,

To using a blade.

Yet this pain resembles a blade that opens new wounds day by day.

Running away never seems like a solution.

Crying is only for the weak-hearted.

Or is that my heart with rage and hate,

That all it beats for is to keep me fighting, not people.

But battling these horrid thoughts and emotions

That makes me want to blow my brains out.

All I know is that which is withdrawn from my childhood,

It’s never fine to pout. So I stare up at the clouds,

Wondering “Where are you GOD?”

I need your help, if anything I need your love,

‘Cause ain’t no love for me in this cold world.

All the people are cold and wanna see me torn.

But I finally see a light- I know I’m not dead.

‘Cause ain’t none of my ancestors in my sight,

It’s just a flight, away from my mind.

This time it was the bud of the brew, that blew me away.

I see an alternative life, one where my love is not for pain or hate,

But for one person and goals aren’t out of reach.

Thanks to my near death experience of overdosing,

I can separate my pain from love

And find that person waiting for me.

And since I’m about to graduate make someone better,

And comeback to the streets not to slang,

But to help get this kids with no hope out gangs, drugs, and hate.

by Gibran ‘Gibz’ Moncayo

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