Arvin High Students Travel To San Francisco

April 4, 2012 /

Pier 39 Fisherman's Wharf/Courtesy Photo Wikimedia Commons


SAN FRANCISCO—Due to tough economic times many youths like myself in South Kern don’t have many opportunities to travel and explore life outside Kern County area.

However, the Arvin High School Bear Scouts Club gave many students the advantage to take a trip to San Francisco. The U.S. 2010 Census reports 27.2 percent of people living in Lamont live below poverty for Lamont and in Arvin its 33.1 percent.

Students only were asked to pay $15. This included the train ride to and from San Francisco.

I have had the privilege to travel around California, Texas, and New Orleans. Yet, this was my first time visiting San Francisco.

All the youths, including myself, were really eager to have this chance given to us.

For many of us, not only was it going to be the first time visiting San Francisco but also taking a train ride.

These little towns and cities we live in don’t compare to how beautiful, big, and enjoyable San Francisco was.

The weather was simply amazing!! The sun was shining gorgeously with a fresh breeze throughout the day.

When we arrived, we were able to separate into groups to tour any place of our choice before out time was out.

Right away we began to walk through the strip when we were dropped off at Pier 39.

There were many performances as we walked. Dancing, singing, instruments being played creatively, and “the bush man” were some we came across in our walk.

It was great hearing so much laughter, seeing so many smiles, and getting out of our small towns for a while.

“Everything is so much better in San Francisco” said Samantha Magaña. “There are many more places to visit, people to see coming from different places around the world, and it’s just so much more fun.”

Although the prices were pretty high, many kids bought souvenirs.

There were shirts, sweaters, key chains, cups and many more memories kids brought back with them along with pictures and that special spot in their hearts to flashback and remember what an amazing place San Francisco was.

By the end of the day, most kids were exhausted coming back home on the train but it was all worth it.

$15 was affordable but if you ask me, this trip was worth a lot more than that!

Thanks to the funds Bear Scouts had, this opportunity was given to many Arvin High students to rejoice and add to our high school memories.

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