‘Cat And Mouse’

April 22, 2012 /


Do you mean everything you say?

Every line, word (you’ve said that’s) based on us, being together till the end.

Because I would die for you.

I would live for you, but would you do the same?

But your insecurities and disparities take grasp and then my love seems irrevelant.

Lost in your mind, the maze of  uncertainty.

Until I find your open door… Will you wait for me? Or do you want me to get lost and disappear?

Now I see our reality.

I’m not lost or stuck in your maze, I’m living in your heart.

But should I proceed to chase or stay hidden in the dark?

I feel like Jerry and I don’t know how to chase Tom.

Stuck in the losing game of cat and mouse.

But I want you, but is the price too great?

No, it can’t be! But then there it is, should we be together because of ‘Destiny’ or is it to make each other happy?

Because being with you makes me more than happy. It feels like ‘Destiny’ was finally right.

But our game of cat and mouse, will it ever end?

And then I feel your touch and find you’re next to me on the beach watching the sunset.

And as our lips met, doves flew overhead.

And the game that was ‘played’ never really existed.

As we turn away to walk, you hug me and my dream is complete.

Never ending just continuing till the end of our days.

And the world will read ‘Cat and Mouse’ as we disappear to live happily ever after.




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